15 lb. Beef Sampler Bundle

15 lb. Beef Sampler Bundle

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This Beef Sampler Bundle includes a small sampling of our grass-fed beef products.  This 15 lb. bundle is perfect for a couple or small family who enjoys roasts, ground beef, and an occasional steak.  It's an affordable way to stock your freezer with grass-fed meat!

This bundled includes:

1 Arm Roast (avg. 2.0 lbs)

2 Chuck Roast (avg 2.3 lbs)

2 Ribeye Steaks (avg. .65 lbs. per steak)

1 Round Steak (avg. 2.5 lb)

1 Stew Meat (avg 1 lb)

3-4 lbs Ground beef. (The quantity of ground beef will vary depending on the total weight of the beef cuts.  The amount of ground beef is adjusted to ensure you are receiving 15 lbs. of grass-fed meat in this bundle.)