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A local farm producing ethically-raised, pasture-raised meats you can trust.

Our Customer Testimonials

"Not only is the meat outstanding, but they go above and beyond for their customers!! So blessed to have this amazing resource. After learning what I know about factory farming, I can’t, in good conscience, feed any of that to my family. Thanks to Third Day, I can feed my family what I like and support another local family at the same time."
Andrea (South Bend, IN)
Every experience I've had with Third Day Farm has been a positive one. The people are sincere, helpful and willing to answer any questions. The only thing more impressive than the customer service, is the quality of the products!
Shawn (South Bend, IN)
I have been buying meat and eggs from them for just over a year now. I have compared their eggs with the top, name brand, organic eggs in the store and they're no comparison. Third Day has the best. Customer service is great also.
Dale - (Walkerton, IN)
We buy half a cow every year from Third Day and are always pleased. They’re friendly, super helpful, and efficient. And of course the beef is fantastic and a steal for the quality! We’ve added half a pig to our order this year and I’m sure we’ll keep adding more in the future. I’m always recommending them!
Lindsay - (Elkhart, IN)
I like that the animals are raised naturally out in the fields and yet the chickens do have places to get in from the weather and are protected from predators. I went to their open house and they seem like great people!
Betty - (Elkhart, IN)
"The best tasting burgers we have ever eaten--and no upset stomach afterwards...what a God-send to have access to safe meat!
Mary K. - (South Bend, IN)
Carefully grown and packaged meats sold here with very competitive prices. Staff is always helpful with a keen eye on customer service.
Bill (Walkerton, IN)
Absolutely delicious beef and wonderful ladies to deal with.....highly recommend this farm’s products. Supporting local businesses, too!
Tami - (Plymouth, IN)
We recently purchased 1/2 Pork Bundle and so far it has been AMAZING! The pork chops were absolutely delicious and huge compared to store bought. The customer service was wonderful which sadly isn't the norm anymore. We placed an order for a beef bundle as well. I highly recommend Third Day Farm and love that we can support a local business.
Amanda - Knox, IN