About Our Farm

Third Day Farm was started in 2014 by the Matt & Beth Laidig. The farm consists of 300 acres in northern Indiana, where they raise cattle, pigs, lamb, and poultry on pasture. 

Matt was no stranger to farming. He grew up in a farming family - collecting eggs, doing daily chores, raising hogs, etc...  However, his involvement in farming took on a different look in 2014 after his wife, Beth, received a medical diagnosis that had them both re-evaluating their health. After her diagnosis, they began digging deep into information on food and educating themselves on healthy, whole foods. They attended a health seminar in Atlanta, GA and spent time seeking out resources on food and health. Discovering how far the food industry has slipped- the processed foods, sugars, additives, artificial substances, confusing labels, etc.- they both began seeking out healthier alternatives to their food.

During their search for healthy meats, they realized they were not easily available and sometimes hard to find. It seemed the only solution to sourcing high quality protein was to raise it themselves. Matt and Beth purchased a farm and soon began raising grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork. Not too long after, they added egg layers, broiler chickens, turkeys, goats, and lamb. His hope for Third Day Farm was to provide quality meat options for his family and other conscientious families in the community seeking out meat with these health benefits, as well. 

At Third Day Farm, the focus is to raise animals using sustainable farming methods, giving customers peace of mind with the foods they are providing for their families.  Faith is very important to the Laidig family. They believe that animals should be raised the way God intended them to be raised - naturally and without much intervention.  Their desire is to steward the animals and land well.

In 2016, Matt & Beth's daughter, Brittany came on board as the marketing manager for the farm and works with customers, order packing, website design, and scheduling.  Third Day Farm is a place that requires many hands, much work, and willingness from many members. It is a true family operation with involvement from many members. The farm is equally a place that brings much joy and satisfaction to the family.

So, there you have it! That is the short story of how Third Day Farm came to be. There have been many ups and downs and incredible growing pains in the process. As the Laidigs reflect on the farm, the most fulfilling part, hands down, is the relationship formed with customers in the community who see the importance in knowing how their food is raised and produced. It is rewarding to hear customers say, “We’re so glad we found you!” after expressing their own story of searching for healthier meat options.

Family photo
Tyler, Beth, Matt, Brittany, Tiffany, and Ashley.

Farming Practices

  • Born & Raised in Indiana

    The cows, lambs, and piglets are born and raised on the farm. Chicks are from a hatchery in the neighboring state of Michigan and come to the farm when they are a few days old. All of our animals are processed in Indiana, too!

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  • Chemical Free

    Our pastures are chemical free. We do not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Our land is farmed regeneratively, which means we naturally add nutrients and biodiversity into the fields year after year.

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  • GMO-free

    We use non-GMO seed and non-GMO feed ingredients.

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  • Grain Fed

    Our feed is GMO-free.

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  • Grass Fed & Finished

    Our cows and lamb are 100% grass fed and finished. They are not given grain ever.

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  • Humanely raised

    The animals are treated with care and respect. They live outdoors with plenty of air and sunshine and interact with their habitat the way they were designed. They are fed a natural GMO-free diet as close to what God intended as possible.

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  • No growth hormones or antibiotics

    Our animals are naturally healthy and grow at a pace appropriate for each animal.

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  • No vaccines

    When given plenty of exercise and a healthy diet, disease is not something to worry about.

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  • Pasture Raised

    The beef and lamb live at pasture year round. We do rotational grazing, which means the cows and sheep are moved to fresh pasture often. Chickens are in mobile coops that are moved often. Pigs live in their natural habitat - the woods.

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Meet our Farm Team

Photos of the Farm