Winter on the Farm!

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Third Day Farm

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January 18, 2022

Hello from Third Day Farm!  

Ever curious about what farming looks like in the winter?  

Here is a no-filter snapshot of winter on the farm.  It's beautiful!  It also brings it's fair share of day to day problems ;)


Snow covered landscapes make for a beautiful scene with animals on the farm.  As the snow melts, it becomes, well... very, very messy!  Everything turns to mud and the brown hues are not highly contrasted against the gloomy skies.  For the winter, our cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, and chickens are all now located in a central area to simplify chores and keep all animals close to "home base" during these months while the grass is dormant.  This is different than our rotational grazing that happens during the others months of the year. 

We are so grateful for our farm hands (Steve and Skylar) for their daily efforts out in the field and tending to the animals - especially during unpleasant weather that the midwest can bring.  Without the option of lush green grass, the animals require their daily hay and fresh water.  Winter's dropping temperatures present its fair share of challenges, whether it is fixing frozen lines or bedding down the huts in the pasture to create a warm comfortable space for the animals. In a nutshell, it's a daily job that presents many challenges and rewards. We are rewarded with the brand new life that is being born on the farm. We have news that are currently lambing.  We're grateful for the hay that was planted and harvested during the year to be able to feed our livestock during these long months. We're grateful to be serving so many incredible customers that we've come to know through this business.

As you can see... it's hard, beautiful, and rewarding.  Isn't that a little like life?  We're constantly learning and adjusting. We're so grateful for the work that goes in each day to produce the animals and products that we can offer to the community.

We hope that amidst the hard and challenging aspects of the winter months, that you can also find the beauty and reward in this season, as well!

Thanks for reading,


(& the Third Day Farm Family)



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